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A small selection from the thousands of online features about the negative impact spec work has on both the designer and the client.


8164.org: Pay the designer
adage.com: Why spec creative doesn’t pay
andybudd.com: Doing work on spec
andrewhy.de: Spec work is evil / why I hate CrowdSpring
bizcommunity.com: Spec is a four-letter word
boagworld.com: Why speculative design is wrong
boston.bizjournals.com: Working on spec is a disturbing — and growing — trend
brianyerkes.com: Why CrowdSpring owners should be ashamed of their business
buildinternet.com: The real problem with design contests
creativepro.com: Spec work and crowdsourcing: gambles that don’t pay off
davidairey.com: If design was an iceberg
davidairey.com: Responding to spec work requests
erinmharris.com: Ten ways spec work will hurt you
fightboredom.net: Just say no! (to spec work)
gigaom.com: Dealing with speculative work
graphicpush.com: 99designs: bullshit 2.0
idapostle.com: Logo warehouses, crowdsourcing, and a lack of understanding
itsnicethat.com: On spec work, contests, and whether they have any place in the industry
logodesignlove.com: The designer and the tech guy
logodesignlove.com: The kiddie designers of 99designs
logodesignlove.com: The reality of logo design contests
markboulton.co.uk: The personal cost of designing on spec
nikibrown.com: Spec you! Why designers should never* work for free
odesk.com:To spec or not to spec? What a stupid question
openparenthesis.org: Crowdsourcing, incentive, and value
positivespaceblog.com: 99Designs: the evil that changed names
rachelandrew.co.uk: Spec work for web developers
ravenshoegroup.com: Why crowdsourcing is a bad idea
spyrestudios.com: 6 reasons crowdsourcing and spec work sucks
sugarsock.com: The problem with spec work… again
teamtreehouse.com: To spec or not to spec?
thelogofactory.com: Behind the hype of crowdsourcing
thelogofactory.com: Spec work, design contests, and tragedy of the commons
tomrichmond.com: Working on spec
underconsideration.com: Spec work arithmetic
underconsideration.com: To spec or not to spec?
webdesignerdepot.com: How not to design a logo
webdesignerdepot.com: The naked truth about design contests
winwithoutpitching.com: 16 brief points on free pitching
zeldman.com: Don’t design on spec

Spec Watch

Spec Watch has shared statistics on spec contest sites — telling facts. Follow on Twitter @specwatch.

specwatch.info: The SpecWatch Papers
specwatch.info: RAW Numbers 99Designs
specwatch.info: RAW Numbers CrowdSpring


Is spec work evil? The online creative community – SXSWi 2009
AIGA Portland Roundtable — contests, wpec work
davidairey.com: AIGA panel on spec work

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