Sponsors and contributors

Original No!Spec team

Catherine Wentworth | England
Tamar Wallace | USA
Danita Reynolds | USA
Calvin Lee | USA
Dagmar Jeffrey | USA
Michael Miller | USA
Dawn Burgess | USA
Robert Wurth | USA
Mark Astrella | USA
Dana Chrysler | USA
Bill Schuhle | USA
Piers Le Seuer | New Zealand
Elisabetta Bruno | Italy
Erin Harris | USA
Alina Hagen | USA
Jeff Fisher | USA
Neil Tortorella | USA
Tom Stephan | USA
Chris Tomlinson | USA
Brian Rollins | USA
Rob Gough | USA

Deserved mentions

The first No!Spec poster was donated by top illustrator Von Glitschka.
Jeanette Wickham was an amazing help with earlier site iterations.

Invaluable support

Steve Douglas (rest in peace) | Canada

Original logo design

Piers Le Sueur | New Zealand

Current logo design

David Airey | Northern Ireland

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