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Spec Conversation Roundup:

graphicPUSH: 99designs: Bullshit 2.0

Kevin: “99designs was started by designers for designers”. I am struggling to form the intensely negative, logic-dismantling superlatives I need to accurately convey the sheer depth of absolute bullshit this clump of words was pulled from. This is one of the most hollow and forced statement I have ever seen. It insults everything about the real-world graphic design industry and the hard-working professionals that make a living building long-term client relationships, crafting deep and varied portfolios, and routinely putting their blood, sweat and tears into their work.

Freelance Switch: Freelance Radio, Episode 12: I’m a Proud Weenie!

FS: This episod’s theme is spec work. We talk about our own opinions on the controversial issue, and also refer repeatedly to the No Spec project.

Design Altruism Project: Blowing Competitions Up, and Other Acts of Good Citizenship

David Stairs: From the last weeks of summer onward I am bombarded with e-mail urging me to involve students in ‘œreal world’ design situations. Without sounding too cynical about the practice, it seems to me that the outside solicitations of my students’ involvement are a means for organizations and/or corporations to garner spec work and public relations kudos under the guise of being good neighbors.

Separate conversations. Various takes. All worthwhile.

4 responses to “99designs: Bullshit 2.0 | I’m a Proud Weenie! | Blowing Competitions Up, and Other Acts of Good Citizenship”

  1. It’s about time. A chance to legitimize the professional position that custom work has no free samples. Ask a doctor for a spec operation for which you will consider paying if you like the results. Or perhaps several lawyers will prepare case briefs for you in hopes of being awarded a fee. The point is, and always has been too easily made. But in this case, the profession has finally chosen to do something about the problem. You make me proud. Best regards to all, George

    • Let’s be honest with ourselves, Doctors aren’t really analagous. A doctor spends much more time and money in training and education and is licensed. If a doctor messes up he can get sued for malpractice and lose his license. Designers don’t end lives if they make a mistake.

  2. When it comes to students and spec work, there is a gray area there. When I was a student, we we’re given the opportunity to work with real world brands and to even have the work used. The trade off was the experience of working with associates from the aforementioned companies leading up to a pitch. The other reward was the 99% of getting hired by these companies (we were seniors about to graduate). Outside of the “student gaining experience” scenario, however, I say no dice.

  3. 99design really is monkey business. If you get into the final round be careful, they will make something happen to your account so that their own staff inhouse designer will win.

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