A client’s argument against free-pitching

John Scarrott and the Design Business Association thought it would be interesting to get a client’s perspective on free pitching, so asked Tom Foulkes, marketing director of Peter Brett Associates, about how he buys design expertise.

“Fundamentally, we believe the creative pitch is commercially toxic and is a tradition the marketing profession can do without. Commercially toxic may sound a little over the top but here are some of the potential hidden consequences of the creative pitch that can have a negative impact on a business, post decision.”

Read about the consequences (and about Tom’s preferred method for buying design) over on Design Week.

4 responses to “A client’s argument against free-pitching”

  1. Free for work, not work for free. We live in a capitalistic part of the world. But even if we didn’t… When there is an exchange—a transaction—where one party hires the other, they receive a service/product in return; the other receives compensation. Naturally. It really is that simple. Respectfully, anything else is simply not business-like.

  2. Thank you for this~ exactly what I was looking for. It’s too bad the article is a dead link. I really would have liked to read a clients perspective (consequences) on the issue. So curious :/

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