AIGA & NO!SPEC: It’s all About Education

The spec watch is finally over

Back in February we had the Forbes Says Designers are Snooty fiasco.

During it all, we received this good news:

Debbie Millman has now been asked by AIGA to chair a task force in an effort to understand the various sentiments about this practice in both the design community and the broader creative community, and report back to the National Board our findings and potential recommendations at the National Board retreat in April, and to share these findings at the Leadership Retreat in June.

Since then, there were concerns about the outcome: Would AIGA soften their stance on working spec, or would they stand firm?

Knowing that I had concerns (it’s what I do), Debbie Millman emailed, ‘have you seen this?’

AIGA’s official position on spec work:

AIGA, the professional association for design, believes that professional designers should be compensated fairly for the value of their work and should negotiate the ownership or use rights of their intellectual and creative property through an engagement with clients.

AIGA acknowledges that speculative work occurs among clients and designers. Instead of working speculatively, AIGA strongly encourages designers to enter into projects with full engagement to continue to show the value of their creative endeavor. Designers and clients should be aware of all potential risks before entering into speculative work.

AIGA is committed to informing designers, students, educators, clients and the general public on the risks of compromising the design process though information, materials and services that can help in forging a healthy working relationship between designers and their clients.

When I asked Debbie where they aim to go next with the spec campaign, she replied, ‘As far as where we go next–we will be in Portland Oregon next week for the AIGA leadership retreat where we will roll it out to all of the local chapters and leaders.’

: )

Fabulous :-D

And btw Debbie. Congratulations on taking over as the The National President of AIGA on July 1. We all need you in that position, for sure.

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