SPEC!FREE: Art Face Off

Art Face Off is …

… striving to build a flourishing world art community that connects artists, curators and art lovers through the vigor of healthy competition. As a community, we vote to choose the next great artists of our times. Our Face Off competitions are designed to promote all artists and encourage everyone to participate. We are different. We are a free unique democratic community driven to advance the arts worldwide. So please come be a part of the movement!

One response to “SPEC!FREE: Art Face Off”

  1. I’m glad to see that they got everything up and running; I think they have an outstanding concept and am proud of what they accomplished. I hope that their presence on NO!SPEC is a testament to the fact that they have learned from the process of developing their site… I helped out with some of their graphic and CSS development, and as much as I hate to leave bad press for a worthy start-up, they were, at one time, a case study for why spec work is a bad idea. In any case, kudos and best of luck!

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