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  • Logo Design Love: SpecWatch on Design Contests

    Do you twitter? If you don’t have a twitter account, then you are missing out on the latest spec happening in the design industry. Logo Design Love: It’s interesting to see the recent appearance of Spec Watch, a venture that educates about the very real risks of design contest websites and their so-called ‘communities’. Spec […]

  • 420 Design Blog on Design Contests

    Design contests don’t bring the best of anything. From Angie: Just under a week ago I received an email from an employee from what I presume is Lord & Taylor’s PR firm telling me (albeit not personally as it was clearly a mass email) all about Lord & Taylor’s contest and that I might be […]

  • From the Logo Factor: Are Logo Design Contest Sites Even Legal?

    Steve’s written a thought-provoking article at the Logo Factor Design Blog: Are Logo Design Contest Sites Even Legal? Steve: I’m of the opinion that logo design contests, not the cute effort where the local church asks the kiddies to design some artwork for the Sunday picnic, but these logo design contest sites popping up everywhere […]

  • Newsletter Design Awards

    We are always on the lookout for ethical design competitions and awards programs to share. This week, Roger C. Parker of Design to Sell contacted us about the Newsletter Design Awards at Newsletter on Newsletters. In the business for over 35 years, Newsletter on Newsletters has been cited as the “the quintessential newsletter for newsletter […]

  • Island Def Jam Music Group, getting a good deal

    Watch Out for the Fall Out By Robert Wurth of Freshly Squeezed Design. The Island Def Jam Music Group (under the sponsorship of The Universal Music Group) is holding a contest for the design of ‘pre-order’ artwork for the impending iTunes release of a new Fall Out Boys album. … they get a pretty good […]

  • Speak Up and New York’s High Priority

    A personal opinion Fueled by passion for the design industry, a group of designers started the NO!SPEC campaign. Been there, done that, it was our aim to educate young designers about the dangers of working on spec. We wanted to help designers avoid getting ripped off in spec situations. We wanted to educate about working […]

  • Fossil Holds Design Contest reviews the Fossil design contest – “Great exposure or simply spec work?” With the case of the Fossil contest you lose all rights to your designs when you enter the contest. Submissions will not be returned. Submissions become the property of Sponsor upon submission. Additionally, Fossil may use any of the entries in future […]

  • Boxes and Arrows – Getting there

    Are We There Yet? – Boxes and Arrows: The design behind the design Back when we decided B&A needed an overhaul, we held a contest for a new design of Boxes and Arrows. Boy, was that a mistake. Although the designs were “terrific, beautiful, clear, and innovative” not one was what we needed. … for […]

  • Creativity Awards Closes Book on Cover “Contest”

    Creativity Awards closes book on cover “contest” by Jeff Fisher LogoMotives I’ve always been a huge fan of the design competitions conducted by David E. Carter, resulting in books such as the American Corporate Identity, The Big Book of Logos, and Creativity series. Last Thursday, I was somewhat stunned when opening an email with the […]

  • Mark Boulton on NO!SPEC

    Wikipedia and Bowing to the Brand Wikipedia are having a design competition. Whilst it doesn’t come as a complete shock that a site which offers free content is after free work, I’m still reeling from the opportunity that this presents to some designers, and recoiling from the effect this type of project has on the […]