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  • Aquent, 99Designs and the Design Industry

    Mark Rushworth just contacted us about a post he’s written, Aquent Vs the Design Industry. Seems Aquent thought it was a good idea to post a contest at 99Designs. Hmmm… How could a company such as Aquent (connected to the AIGA), be so out of touch with the design industry? If they didn’t want to […]

  • Positive Space: 99Designs Stoops to a New Low

    Tony of Positive Space has a decent conversation going in his post: 99Designs Stoops to a New Low and Attempts Propaganda. If you have been following Positive Space for a while, then you undoubtedly know that I have a problem with both spec work and 99designs (previously sitepoint contests). However most recently the minds behind […]

  • Pixish = Spec-ish?

    Whoooh, busy time here at, what with the emails and hits rolling in on the subject of Derek Powazek’s new site, Pixish. Like other posters, I hold Derek in high regard so his waffly stance – professing to be against spec yet promoting spec – was a confusing surprise. Note: For those interested in […]

  • The Spec Trap: Sitepoint

    The Spec Trap by Terri Stone Last week, Eric Adams wrote about his experiences using Sitepoint to solicit logo designs for a fledgling non-profit focused on suicide prevention. As I expected, there were some negative reactions from readers who are against work done on spec; that is, with no guarantee of pay. I understand where […]

  • Spec work, anyone?

    Spec work can damage your business, by David Airey If you’re a designer, and you receive a request for speculative work, write or call the issuer. There’s a chance they may not even realise this practice is unethical. … Earlier this year, Shayne Tilley published an article on, about ‘crowdsourcing’ in graphic design. The […]

  • CNET | Can ‘Crowdsourcing’ be Slave Labor?

    Can ‘Crowdsourcing’ be Slave Labor? by Mike Yamamoto This is not to say that people should stop inventing things; that is, after all, the American way. We just think they should be compensated where appropriate–and not toil away simply for the honor of having participated in a project that some company trumpets with idealistic Web […]