Have a Happy SPEC!FREE Xmas

Wondering what to get that favourite designer in your life?

Better yet, is that favourite designer YOU?


Then how about trying these on for size?


From the SPEC HURTS Collection

Von's SPEC U

From the SPEC U Collection

Teddy Bear

And for those needing something a little bit tamer, there’s always our NO!SPEC Teddy Bear.

Aww … sweet.

Note: A special thanks goes to Von Glitschka of Glitschka Studios, who generously gave permission to use his poster designs in our store at cafepress. Thanks Von!

Snog Blog with Dear Designer

Dear Designer

I am looking for a good designer to revamp our website and to redo our logo. I have spoken to my bosses and they think it’s a good idea, but we don’t know how much we want to spend yet. The cheaper the better of course!

We’re not sure what we want our new look to be, but since you’re the professional, we’ll leave it to you to propose. Show us 3 mockups of what you think our new company website and logo should look like. We want to be professional yet friendly, serious yet creative. Something like what Apple has done.

If we like your mockups, we’ll choose one and hire you for the job. If we don’t, we’ll let you know also. And if we like your ideas but you’re too expensive, we may ask someone cheaper to do it, so please quote as low as possible.

But rest assured, we have plenty of design jobs in the future! I have to go now, I have a free lunch waiting for me at a restaurant.

Your sincerely,

New to the Design Industry

Dear Designer

I have never worked with a designer before.

A friend of mine told me that I can get you to work for free. My friend said that all I had to do is tell you that there is the possibility of more work if I choose your design. My friend said that I can get you to create several layouts to show me before I even pay one penny. My friend also said to tell you that I have other designers doing this too and that I will pick the best one out of the bunch.

I didn’t realize how easy it was to get designers to work for nothing and in appreciation I will have to take my friend out to lunch and thank him.

Potential Client

Branding Request

Dear Designer,

After much discussion, my company has decided that it needs a complete image overhaul. We’d like our logo updated, as well as all of our marketing materials redesigned to better build our brand. We have many people placing ads for our company in different publications, and we need to have a standards manual put together to ensure that everything looks similar, is easily recognizable as being an ad for our company, and continues to build our brand. We also have a monthly newsletter and quarterly newspaper that needs to be overhauled and updated.

We need this all in 6 weeks, and I’d really like to see some samples of ideas you have for us before I agree to hire and pay you.