Jack Yan on NO!SPEC

Jack Yan speaks out on Spec education.

It’s something I have been against for years, especially when AGDA campaigned against it with its members.

The idea is that the designer gets zilch in order to ‘pitch’ for a job. Hours are invested, and ideas, more often than you think, are appropriated. It devalues the work of all designers. I’ve added one graphical link in the sidebar, but you can surf as readily to her site from here to see how you can help.

For more, be sure to visit: Spec education.

Piers Le Seuer on NO!SPEC

The ‘Designers who blog’ NO!SPEC crusade month just wouldn’t be right without a mention of designer Piers Le Seur. Piers designed the fantastic logo you see here on the NO!SPEC site, which eventually fueled the design.

Yes, it’s been a RUSH here and a DASH there which means this blog is running behind.

But with all this happening, I’d like to slow down and take this opportunity to thank the very dear person who designed the NO!SPEC logo (which lead the design for the NO!SPEC site), Piers Le Seuer.

Piers is a New Zealand designer who has been in the industry for a long while. He is dedicated, energetic, and an avid anti spec crusader. The exclamation mark used in the logo is apt as it is a favourite key of his.

Thank-you Piers, the logo is brilliant!