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  • Jack Yan on NO!SPEC

    Jack Yan speaks out on Spec education. It’s something I have been against for years, especially when AGDA campaigned against it with its members. The idea is that the designer gets zilch in order to ‘pitch’ for a job. Hours are invested, and ideas, more often than you think, are appropriated. It devalues the work…

  • Piers Le Seuer on NO!SPEC

    The ‘Designers who blog’ NO!SPEC crusade month just wouldn’t be right without a mention of designer Piers Le Seur. Piers designed the fantastic logo you see here on the NO!SPEC site, which eventually fueled the design. Yes, it’s been a RUSH here and a DASH there which means this blog is running behind. But with…

  • NO!SPEC on Designers Who Blog

    For the month of March Designers Who Blog will focus on bloggers involved with the NO!SPEC Campaign. In April Creative Latitude will feature the most interesting NO!SPEC Campaign blogs at Cat’s Fancy: Designers Who Blog. If you decide to jump on the NO!SPEC bandwagon too, please contact us.