Creativiti on NO!SPEC

Designing ‘on spec’ – bad for you, bad for us

Creativiti is a supporter of the creative industry’s NO!SPEC campaign. This section outlines why designing on spec is a poor compromise for everybody.

If you invest in a designer’s time and place your confidence in their abilities, they will work closely with you to create a custom solution to meet your needs and requirements, and to help you achieve your goals.

If you demand work on spec, they simply won’t have the means – or the will – to produce their very best work for you if they have no guarantee that you won’t simply take their ideas and walk away with them without payment.

Ultimately, designing on spec produces poor results for you, and is unfair to the designer, and that is why Creativiti wholeheartedly supports the NO!SPEC campaign.

To read the rest, please go to Creativiti’s Designing ‘on spec’ – bad for you, bad for us

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