Crowdsink on Twitter: CrowdSpring, Do What’s Right!

CrowdSpring sinks to even lower lows…

This weekend, while Jay and I were busy updating, twitter continued to be all aflutter over the latest from CrowdSpring: CrowdSpring, Do What’s Right!

Background: Seems a CrowdSpring designer ripped off the work of Mike Erickson of Logo Motive Design (LogomotiveMike on twitter).

And while this is shocking enough – ok, not shocking as rips happen all the time on crowdsourcing sites – what has upset designers is CrowdSpring’s three strikes policy.

That’s right. A CrowdSpring designer gets to submit various ripped designs a total of three times before getting banned.

To follow the event yourself, here are the top searches on twitter:

CrowdSpring: Where have all the cheerleaders gone?

Ross Kimbarovsky: The voice of CrowdSpring on twitter.

Crowdsink: The twitter tag designers are using to publicise the problem.

And of course, make sure to read down through the original article: CrowdSpring, Do What’s Right!

Apparently this has been going on for about three weeks, but the designer in question is still submitting work at CrowdSpring. Amazing.

Btw – if you haven’t noticed, is now on twitter too: nospec.

So if you do twitter, go ahead and give us a shout…

5 responses to “Crowdsink on Twitter: CrowdSpring, Do What’s Right!”

  1. I’ve encountered Crowdspring before in an interview they had in a prominent magazine and I despise the whole industry they’re trying to create.

    I’m glad that there’s an active movement trying to pin down these legal criminals! :)

    Good job guys!

  2. Thanks Dwight. The design orgs are there, just not really vocal. Well, not unless you live in Canada. GO Canada!

  3. Yes, I find it very disrespectful and unprofessional to the design community in general.Harboring a known thief and let them continue to do business is just wrong IMO. I’ll admit once I considered spec work a grey/gray area. After further review of the spec work industry I’m finding it very “SHADY” and more Black and White.


  4. Hi Mike.

    So sorry to hear about all your hassles with the CrowdSpring designer. CrowdSpring is bad enough, but this… sigh…

  5. Hope i am at the right door:
    crowdspring a small player compare to
    99designs, logotournament, or wilogo, and the newly creatad,
    promoted even during “co-creation” very new event in netherland.

    i call it brokerage, and it is even done by desigenrs themselves,
    proposing to this “communities” pretending to be clients in order to
    present to their clients “their “creativity and finally strongly catch back their own competition,
    entering their own design to win back the price out of the commission which still goes to the website owners. :)

    Funny to find out some designers trying to moderate such fake sport.

    What are the legal issues then? Some great jobs are done their but get copied, sourced out, from designers which barely not earning money enough daily.
    Printing houses were doing the job previously, not caring of the creative work, no once set this on, marketing specialists, some designer studios and even advertising agency will withdraw most of their cost pretending to make it inhouse just with just a single inhouse designer.

    about the article in, it is signed by a well-known professional form advertising.
    How come such reviews can be possible on famous mag.
    Cause it is Web2.0, or so called crowdsourcing, or co-creation online.
    Come on
    We are cutting down right now the future jobs of our todays’designers.

    And even if the money can be big aka wilogo, it is internally managed so winners will end to be one of the inside designers of the business.

    Participating today will cut the job of tomorrow forever except if you start your own Crowdsourcing online machine :) funny isn’t it :)

    they can be sued though copyright enfringments regarding every single creations published
    on their platform, most of contract proposed online have abusive clauses.
    I encourage serious attack in order to keep creativity continue to prosper and get paid honestly.

    Thank you No!spec.
    a shame that your Site isn’t so well reference in SEO.
    Looking forward more actions.

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