CNET | Can ‘Crowdsourcing’ be Slave Labor?

Can ‘Crowdsourcing’ be Slave Labor? by Mike Yamamoto

This is not to say that people should stop inventing things; that is, after all, the American way. We just think they should be compensated where appropriate–and not toil away simply for the honor of having participated in a project that some company trumpets with idealistic Web 2.0 rhetoric.

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One response to “CNET | Can ‘Crowdsourcing’ be Slave Labor?”

  1. It is a digital sweatshop! America is quickly turning into a 3rd world country, allowing corporations to totally rule over their lives. Crowdsourcing offers no real incentive to the employee. Very little pay and no health benefits. There is also no guarantee of pay, at that! It offers far more cons than pros for the employee. The company wins and the employee loses. Is this really the path we want our country or any other country in the world to go down? I guess if you’re a corporation the answer is yes, but as an employee it’s an astounding NO! My question is, why hasn’t Washington put an end to this abuse of the American worker? Its time that we begin to forward think and really weigh the future outcomes of our choices and do what is right for the people, not the corporations! Its time for the American worker/consumer to take a stand for themselves and stop supporting companies who prescribe to shady business ethics such as these!

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