TexasDesign.com: Fossil Holds Design Contest

TexasDesign.com reviews the Fossil design contest – “Great exposure or simply spec work?”

  • With the case of the Fossil contest you lose all rights to your designs when you enter the contest.
  • Submissions will not be returned. Submissions become the property of Sponsor upon submission.
  • Additionally, Fossil may use any of the entries in future promotions.

Quoting Jeff Fisher of Fossil Holds Design Contest- Great Exposure or Simply Spec Work?

To decide for yourself, go to Design Fossil’s Design Your Own Tin Contest

So, what say you?

One response to “TexasDesign.com: Fossil Holds Design Contest”

  1. Hmmm, someone is getting a real deal here:) To quote from their ‘Tinology – The Story’ page, “…Irreverent and vintage brand message to millions worldwide” … and all for the low, low price of 1,000.00 and a trip to DFW :) A nice looking site though …wonder if there was a contest for that as well ;)


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