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Dear Designer,

After much discussion, my company has decided that it needs a complete image overhaul. We’d like our logo updated, as well as all of our marketing materials redesigned to better build our brand. We have many people placing ads for our company in different publications, and we need to have a standards manual put together to ensure that everything looks similar, is easily recognizable as being an ad for our company, and continues to build our brand. We also have a monthly newsletter and quarterly newspaper that needs to be overhauled and updated.

We need this all in 6 weeks, and I’d really like to see some samples of ideas you have for us before I agree to hire and pay you.

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  1. Dear Client,

    I have much experience helping companies like yours update their image, and create a cohesive brand identity. I have an extensive portfolio showcasing how I’ve helped numerous clients, as well as letters of reference available upon request.

    Your timeline is extremely ambitious, and while I wouldn’t recommend trying to get all of your requests done in that time frame, it can be done. However, as there is a lot of time required in revamping a company’s corporate image – research, an audit, brainstorming and lots of communication between you and me – I am not able to present any ideas without being paid.

    Just like you get paid for the work you do, this is my business and how I earn my living, so I, too, need to get paid for what I do – including creating ideas.

    Thank you for contacting me, and I would love the opportunity to bid on this project, should you decide, after looking at my portfolio and experience, that I would be a good fit for your company.



    This company ended up choosing a designer that WOULD work on spec, and provided them with designs and samples without being paid, only to have it not work out. The company ended up hiring a designer in-house to handle not only their day-to-day design needs, but the complete image overhaul as well. Their timeline ended up being bumped back 6 months.

    Moral of this story:

    Just like crime, spec work doesn’t pay! And it doesn’t only hurt the designer – the company suffers as well.

  2. That was me, I’m sure, it is my story. I started out helping with ideas and rough designs two years ago with this company and they hired some-one in-house to take over. That person just left 3 weeks ago now the company has come back to me and wants me to redo the lot and fix all the mistakes that their so called designer made with their print media. It sure is going to be quite a bill for them in the long run, oh and of course, they want it done in a matter of weeks.

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