Michael Bierut on NO!SPEC

The Road to Hell: Now Paved with Innovation?

Designers don’t have many advocates as enthusiastic and highly-placed as Bruce Nussbaum. An assistant managing editor at Business Week, he’s spearheaded the magazine’s coverage of design and innovation for years, and has become an important online voice for how business can use design as a strategic tool. That influence will only grow this week with the debut of INside Innovation, his new magazine that promises “a deep, deep dive into the innovation/design/creativity space.”

I’m as intrigued as the next guy about what’s to be found in the dark recesses of the “innovation/design/creativity space.” But I suspect there’s one fact about the genesis of this new magazine that will disturb many of my fellow innovation enthusiasts: the actual design of INside Innovation was created largely through an unpaid competition.

Designers, welcome to the brave new world of spec work.

To read the rest of the article, go to Michael Bierut’s, The Road to Hell: Now Paved with Innovation?

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