SPEC!FREE: PRINT Call for Entries

… to boost your business exposure

The A + C = D Review

The International Business Review – brought to you by PRINT magazine and sister publication of HOW – has a new name, a broader reach, and the added component of motion graphics and interactivity.

Now coined A + C = D for the International Art and Commerce Design Review, the new competition brings together design work done for corporate clients across the globe, from print ads and corporate identities to animated short films, websites, interactive games and more.

What makes this competition SPEC!FREE?

1) In the rules PRINT states “Submitted work must have been produced between July 1, 2005 and November 1 …”

Spec contests require newly created work.

2) Unlike spec contests, they are not claiming ownership of all submissions. They only want the right to “publish the winners in PRINT and to show them on the magazine’s Website.”

To read more about the competition go to the A + C = D Review

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