Spec work, anyone?

Spec work can damage your business, by David Airey

If you’re a designer, and you receive a request for speculative work, write or call the issuer. There’s a chance they may not even realise this practice is unethical.

… Earlier this year, Shayne Tilley published an article on springwise.com, about ‘crowdsourcing’ in graphic design. The text revolves mainly around SitePoint, a website where people post requests for logo designs / t-shirt designs etc., but don’t pay any money until they receive a design they like, often from the lowest bidder.

It was interesting to read the discussion that followed in the article comments. A lot of designers seemed annoyed at the concept behind SitePoint. I’d be interested to know your opinion.

Thanks David. I’m also interested in reading the comments received.

3 responses to “Spec work, anyone?”

  1. Hi David,

    Well, it’s a bit more than some of your articles. I read the majority as they contain good information :-)

    Yes, I’m still in Thailand – I’ve just bought a condo so I’m digging in my heels for the long haul! This place certainly is amazing.

  2. Hello I am from Philadelphia, Pa and I feel that the points made are very valid. In addition, I feel that if you have a portfolio and you are just starting out walk the streets and actually go into small businesses. Present your work with a price list already printed and inquire if the business needs anything done. This has worked for me on many occassions when I was just starting out. And I agree never sell yourself cheap. I was watching a reality show about restaurants opening and the price the restaurant paid for their logo was $100,000. And the logo was just 3 letters in a basic font. 100- 200 dollars for a logo I feel is way to low. If you are starting I feel you should at least begin pricing in the thousands for logos. A logo lasts for the duration of the business. And how would you feel seeing your design on a huge conglomerate’s building, like trump and knowing they got you to do it for only 100 dollars.

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