SXSW: Spec Work Is Evil, How Creatives Fight Back

If you followed SXSW 2009 Is Spec Work Evil?, then you are sure to be interested in Andrew Hyde’s proposed panel for 2010: Spec Work Is Evil, How Creatives Fight Back.

The rise of community has also been met with the rise of the ‘weasel economics’ of spec work. Now that we have identified it as an evil and seen the destructive manner, we can identify how the creative community is fighting back.

Questions Answered:

  1. What is spec work?
  2. Why has it worked?
  3. Why has it failed?
  4. What is the big deal?
  5. What are alternatives to fixing the problem?
  6. Is the design industry broken?
  7. Can peer presure really stop this practice?
  8. Why are the ethics bad?

Andrew on twitter: andrewhyde

The Logo Factory: SXSW’s Is Spec Work Evil? 2009 panel