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  • Comments on Spec Work and Crowdsourcing

    From the previous post, CreativePro: Spec Work and Crowdsourcing, I thought I’d grab a few of the opinions from the comments. Shale Grant said: Thanks for your constant and steadfast guard over working on spec. I’ve done both (have my own design firm and have submitted to Crowdspring and frankly no one’s forcing the designers […]

  • CreativePro: Spec Work and Crowdsourcing

    Spec Work and Crowdsourcing, when will they ever learn? Pamela Pfiffner, writer and founding editor of CreativePro.com, recently put together a timely article for designers: Spec Work and Crowdsourcing: Gambles that Don’t Pay Off. The economy’s in the toilet and you’re hungry for jobs, so you’re working on spec or posting designs to sites like […]

  • The Spec Trap: Sitepoint

    The Spec Trap by Terri Stone Last week, Eric Adams wrote about his experiences using Sitepoint to solicit logo designs for a fledgling non-profit focused on suicide prevention. As I expected, there were some negative reactions from readers who are against work done on spec; that is, with no guarantee of pay. I understand where […]

  • CreativePro Speaks About Spec

    Designing or photographing “on spec” means to work without guarantee of payment. Some people think it’s an acceptable way to build a portfolio or snag a client who’ll pay for other jobs down the line. Other people say that accepting spec work is a disservice to yourself and all creative professionals. Have your say at […]