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  • Crowdsink on Twitter: CrowdSpring, Do What’s Right!

    CrowdSpring sinks to even lower lows… This weekend, while Jay and I were busy updating no-spec.com, twitter continued to be all aflutter over the latest from CrowdSpring: CrowdSpring, Do What’s Right! Background: Seems a CrowdSpring designer ripped off the work of Mike Erickson of Logo Motive Design (LogomotiveMike on twitter). And while this is shocking […]

  • 420 Design Blog on Design Contests

    Design contests don’t bring the best of anything. From Angie: Just under a week ago I received an email from an employee from what I presume is Lord & Taylor’s PR firm telling me (albeit not personally as it was clearly a mass email) all about Lord & Taylor’s contest and that I might be […]

  • The Spec Trap: Sitepoint

    The Spec Trap by Terri Stone Last week, Eric Adams wrote about his experiences using Sitepoint to solicit logo designs for a fledgling non-profit focused on suicide prevention. As I expected, there were some negative reactions from readers who are against work done on spec; that is, with no guarantee of pay. I understand where […]

  • TexasDesign.com: Fossil Holds Design Contest

    TexasDesign.com reviews the Fossil design contest – “Great exposure or simply spec work?” With the case of the Fossil contest you lose all rights to your designs when you enter the contest. Submissions will not be returned. Submissions become the property of Sponsor upon submission. Additionally, Fossil may use any of the entries in future […]

  • Boxes and Arrows – Getting there

    Are We There Yet? – Boxes and Arrows: The design behind the design Back when we decided B&A needed an overhaul, we held a contest for a new design of Boxes and Arrows. Boy, was that a mistake. Although the designs were “terrific, beautiful, clear, and innovative” not one was what we needed. … for […]

  • Barenaked Exploitation by Robert Wurth

    So, what do you do when you’re an internationally recognized, successful band with millions of dollars in CD and concert ticket sales? If you’re the Barenaked Ladies, you slap an industry in the face by running an unethical, exploitive contest, that’s what. Over at the web site Deviant Art, a recent contest was posted for […]

  • Watchtan on NO!SPEC

    Finding the Con in Contests Fame and fortune await thee! BBC would like someone to help reboot the site design and focus. For your efforts, you would receive an Apple laptop. Slashdot is wanting a new look as well. If you win that redesign contest, a new laptop is your prize. Possibly the instigator of […]

  • Why Spec Projects and Logo Design Contests Suck

    Steve Douglas from the LogoFactory has written an article on LogoPalooza: Why spec projects and logo design contests suck. Steve writes: If I had a nickel for every time I heard this – “if you show me what you’re proposing for my logo design, and if I like it, I’ll pay for it”, I’d be […]