Miles on Free Pitching

Miles’ Blog: That monster called Free Pitch

No matter what you call it, Spec Work, Free Pitch, etc the concept is the same. I’ll get a handful of designers or studios to come up with a handful of concepts for my website, and the winner gets my business.

Great concept? No! There are no winners here.

  • Free pitching devalues your work.
  • Free pitching hurts all of your clients.
  • Free pitching produces crap work.
  • Free pitching makes the client look stupid.
  • Free pitching hurts the entire industry.
  • Free pitching is a big sign saying “We’re going broke”.
  • Free pitches encourages less planning.

Read the whole post over at Miles’ Blog.

Good one Miles!

Design Meltdown Has it Right

Design Melt Down gets it with Yellow

Yellow is somewhat of a less popular color. It doesn’t show up very much in web design, at least not in very prominent ways. Lets look … to see what kind of meaning was gleaned from the color.

The is the first to stand out. They clearly use yellow to reinforce the purpose of the site, to warn people about the down side to accepting spec work.

The entire site is a great big caution sign, it is only appropriate that they use the color yellow. Caution is one of the most common connotations of the color yellow.