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  • NO!SPEC Posters: Poster by Dagmar Jeffrey

    Dagmar Jeffrey of Archetype Design Studio has contributed the striking poster below for our collection – Spec: The Real Monster Thanks Dag! Dag’s poster can be downloaded here. As before, check out posters by Jerett Patterson, George Gruel, Chad Behnke, Jeff Andrews, Rob Gough and Von Glitschka. The NO!SPEC posters are 300 dpi, CMYK and/or […]

  • 99designs: Bullshit 2.0 | I’m a Proud Weenie! | Blowing Competitions Up, and Other Acts of Good Citizenship

    Spec Conversation Roundup: graphicPUSH: 99designs: Bullshit 2.0 Kevin: “99designs was started by designers for designers”. I am struggling to form the intensely negative, logic-dismantling superlatives I need to accurately convey the sheer depth of absolute bullshit this clump of words was pulled from. This is one of the most hollow and forced statement I have […]

  • NO!SPEC Posters: Chad Behnke Poster Contribution

    Before the holidays, Chad Behnke of Style Type Design requested NO!SPEC logo files for his school project. On receiving his design, I was quite pleased to add it to our poster downloads section. Thanks Chad! If you have time, check out Chad’s portfolio at his quirky, smile inducing site. Chad’s poster can be downloaded here. […]

  • I Wish I Had Written This

    To those who are looking for someone to do work for free… please wake up and join the real world Every day, there are more and more CL posts seeking “artists” for everything from auto graphics to comic books to corporate logo designs. More people are finding themselves in need of some form of illustrative […]

  • CNET News.com | Can ‘Crowdsourcing’ be Slave Labor?

    Can ‘Crowdsourcing’ be Slave Labor? by Mike Yamamoto This is not to say that people should stop inventing things; that is, after all, the American way. We just think they should be compensated where appropriate–and not toil away simply for the honor of having participated in a project that some company trumpets with idealistic Web […]

  • The SDGQ Denounces Speculative Work

    La SDGQ nonce le travail specculatif The article is in French. Below is the babelfish translation into English. The Company of the graphic designers of Quebec (SDGQ) officially gave an opinion against speculative work, not remunerated. According to it, the companies should not need to see creative proposals to choose a studio; or they should, […]

  • Island Def Jam Music Group, getting a good deal

    Watch Out for the Fall Out By Robert Wurth of Freshly Squeezed Design. The Island Def Jam Music Group (under the sponsorship of The Universal Music Group) is holding a contest for the design of ‘pre-order’ artwork for the impending iTunes release of a new Fall Out Boys album. … they get a pretty good […]

  • Roger C Parker on NO!SPEC

    Are you giving your designs away for free? … tens of thousands of designers invest hundreds of thousands of hours each year in speculative work that either fails to create a client, or–worse–discourages the designer when their work is appropriated by others without any compensation whatsoever. Do your fellow designers a favor by alerting them […]

  • Speak Up and New York’s High Priority

    A personal opinion Fueled by passion for the design industry, a group of designers started the NO!SPEC campaign. Been there, done that, it was our aim to educate young designers about the dangers of working on spec. We wanted to help designers avoid getting ripped off in spec situations. We wanted to educate about working […]

  • Veerle says “Free of charge please!”

    Reading through the NO!SPEC stats, I noticed Veerle comes out with a word or three. The purpose of creative pitches are to give clients a better understanding of the creative capacity of the selected agencies. To me it is a lame excuse to not browse around in the portfolios and let someone else do the […]