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  • SPEC!FREE: Art Face Off

    Art Face Off is … … striving to build a flourishing world art community that connects artists, curators and art lovers through the vigor of healthy competition. As a community, we vote to choose the next great artists of our times. Our Face Off competitions are designed to promote all artists and encourage everyone to […]

  • SPEC!FREE: PRINT Call for Entries

    … to boost your business exposure The A + C = D Review The International Business Review – brought to you by PRINT magazine and sister publication of HOW – has a new name, a broader reach, and the added component of motion graphics and interactivity. Now coined A + C = D for the […]

  • TexasDesign.com: Fossil Holds Design Contest

    TexasDesign.com reviews the Fossil design contest – “Great exposure or simply spec work?” With the case of the Fossil contest you lose all rights to your designs when you enter the contest. Submissions will not be returned. Submissions become the property of Sponsor upon submission. Additionally, Fossil may use any of the entries in future […]

  • Painter Creativity – Top 10 Lies

    From Mark W. Lewis of Painter Creativity 1 “Do this one cheap (or free) and we’ll make it up on the next one.” 2 “We never pay a cent until we see the final product.” 3 “Do this for us and you’ll get great exposure! The jobs will just pour in!” 4 On looking at […]

  • SPEC!FREE Design competitions: bLog-oMotives

    bLog-oMotives: Calls for entries: Upcoming design competition deadlines When it comes to design competitions, it’s pretty difficult to find a spec free resource. The one I depend on has been carefully researched and compiled by Jeff Fisher, Engineer of Creative Identity, Jeff Fisher LogoMotives. Add bLog-oMotives to your feed if you want the lastest spec […]

  • Boxes and Arrows – Getting there

    Are We There Yet? – Boxes and Arrows: The design behind the design Back when we decided B&A needed an overhaul, we held a contest for a new design of Boxes and Arrows. Boy, was that a mistake. Although the designs were “terrific, beautiful, clear, and innovative” not one was what we needed. … for […]

  • VANOC 2010 Mascot RFP: GO Canada GO!

    I swear, when I die I want to come back as a Canadian … Yesterday, Steven Luscher (Group Organizer for the Vancouver Graphic Design Meetup) contacted NO!SPEC about the VANOC 2010 Mascot RFP. VANOC is the Vancouver Olympic Organizing Committee. Steve’s post on the Vancouver Graphic Design Meetup message board: Congratulations to everyone responsible for […]

  • NO!SPEC Campaign: Rundown and Roundup

    March/April of this year saw the launch of the NO!SPEC campaign. Since then I’ve come across a range of confusing posts, some even using open source interchangeably with spec. To clarify the spirit of the campaign I’ve put together a short rundown on what working on spec is, and isn’t. What the NO!SPEC campaign is, […]

  • Creativity Awards Closes Book on Cover “Contest”

    Creativity Awards closes book on cover “contest” by Jeff Fisher LogoMotives I’ve always been a huge fan of the design competitions conducted by David E. Carter, resulting in books such as the American Corporate Identity, The Big Book of Logos, and Creativity series. Last Thursday, I was somewhat stunned when opening an email with the […]

  • The Microhierax Chronicles on NO!SPEC

    Understanding No!Spec Why say No to Speculative Work? 1. No Guarantee 2. Unprofessional 3. Lack of Professional Research 4. Needs of the client not met 5. Myopic 6. Undermines consultive benefits 7. Undervalues the profession 8. Pitches and design don’t mix 9. Red Flags 10. The lack of contract does not a professional make After […]