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  • Interview Request: Alternatives to Free Pitching

    Alternatives to Free Pitching Free pitching has long been an issue with designers. Some designers are for, some against, while others aren’t sure which way to jump. Do you? Below is a request for help from a writer compiling research for a paper on free pitching. I now turn you over to Sean Ashcroft… I […]

  • Miles on Free Pitching

    Miles’ Blog: That monster called Free Pitch No matter what you call it, Spec Work, Free Pitch, etc the concept is the same. I’ll get a handful of designers or studios to come up with a handful of concepts for my website, and the winner gets my business. Great concept? No! There are no winners […]

  • Bitching About Pitching and Agency Compensation

    Three Top Creatives Speak Their Mind at ANA Conference Is this the beginning of the end? In surprisingly strong comments before a gathering of the nation’s largest advertisers, three ad agency creative chiefs last week criticized the account pitching and compensation models that currently govern their business relationships with advertising clients. Check out the whole […]

  • Andy Budd on NO!SPEC

    Creative pitches are toxic by Andy Budd I’ve long held the belief that creative pitches are toxic, and unpaid creative pitches doubly so. This view is upheld by a number of professional design associations that actively ban their members from engaging in unpaid creative. Creative pitches are bad for the client, bad for the designer […]

  • Writers Ask Minister to Rein in TVNZ

    Writers Ask Minister to Rein in TVNZ Media Release from the New Zealand Writers Guild 12 May 2006 The New Zealand Writers Guild have asked Minister of Broadcasting Steve Maharey to amend the terms of an in-house competition being run by TVNZ. The Life’s a Pitch contest invites TVNZ staff to pitch programme ideas to […]