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  • Dear NO!SPEC: The Two Faces of Spec in the Music Business

    Folks, In the music business, ‘spec’ has 2 faces. As a composer, I have seen many situations similar to the graphic design examples as you describe. Most independent film-makers do not think to budget any money for music. At the very low end, they simply use their favorite CD’s, thinking they won’t get caught. Many […]

  • Island Def Jam Music Group, getting a good deal

    Watch Out for the Fall Out By Robert Wurth of Freshly Squeezed Design. The Island Def Jam Music Group (under the sponsorship of The Universal Music Group) is holding a contest for the design of ‘pre-order’ artwork for the impending iTunes release of a new Fall Out Boys album. … they get a pretty good […]

  • Barenaked Exploitation by Robert Wurth

    So, what do you do when you’re an internationally recognized, successful band with millions of dollars in CD and concert ticket sales? If you’re the Barenaked Ladies, you slap an industry in the face by running an unethical, exploitive contest, that’s what. Over at the web site Deviant Art, a recent contest was posted for […]