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  • Jeff Fisher on NO!SPEC

    Jeff Fisher, Engineer of Creative Identity for Jeff Fisher LogoMotives, commends the The Caravan Project from his blog, bLog-oMotives. I want to compliment Frederick Ost for engaging in a positive dialogue with Cat Wentworth, Project Manager of NO!SPEC, in regards to how their original call for participation constituted “spec” work. The Caravan Project members worked […]

  • Jeff Andrews on NO!SPEC

    Jeff Andrews jumps in two fisted with Adventures in Blogging and blog.myspace.com. Good for you in using myspace Jeff, as it’s the young population we need to reach. I’d encourage everyone to visit the site and read the articles there, download the posters provided by my buddy Von Glitschka. Get involved!

  • Athyrius on NO!SPEC

    Athyrius talks about Getting Paid. I remember very clearly the day a fellow professional looked me in the eye and told me, “I don’t open a program without getting paid.” That day I went home, heated my Ramen and thought about it for a while before deciding he was absolutely right.

  • Photographers speak out on NO!SPEC

    Dear NO!SPEC, I’m hoping you can let visitors to the NO!SPEC site know that graphic designers are not the only ones being plagued by requests for work on spec. On spec or as it’s come to be known in the photography industry “Custom Stock” is a growing trend. Companies are trying to legitimize a model […]

  • Susan Kirkland on NO!SPEC

    Susan Kirkland: SPECulative at Graphic Design Forum Blogs If you are invited by a big client to do work on spec, react with enthusiasm for the project, then politely suggest current projects prevent you from participating in that way. Suggest an alternative method of vying for the job; a portfolio showing of similar jobs you […]

  • NO!SPEC on digg

    Please digg this –>>NO!SPEC Launches The mission of NO!SPEC is to educate both clients and Visual Communication designers (also known as ‘graphic’ designers) about the nature of speculative, or “spec” work. It also serves as a vehicle to unite designers who support the notion that spec work devalues the potential of design and ultimately does […]

  • Deluxe Lab on NO!SPEC

    Deluxe Lab quoting Tom Stephan on Deluxe Lab, Webspotting: Go Spec Yourself! I really wanted a tattoo, but I had no idea what I wanted – I just wanted a tattoo. So I went to four or five different tattoo studios and said: hi guys, I want a tattoo, and it has to be cool […]


    TAPP-D with Issues: Just Say NO! Spec work has become a real problem in our industry, as I previously mentioned on Tapp-d, this work undermines much of what designers do to earn a living. I for one am completely against spec work, seeing as I do like to eat and have a roof over my […]

  • A Little Hut on NO!SPEC

    A little Hut says NO to spec work! Hear! Hear! A site that finally puts a voice to why spec work shouldn’t exist. It says everything that I probably couldn’t adequately put into words myself. You should really check it out.

  • Netdiver on NO!SPEC

    Kudos goes to Carole Guevin from Netdiver Now folks at NO!SPEC are taking this hot issue to a new level. We working the design industry, have long tales of such requests turned bad, and as such, Netdiver supports this initiative wholeheartedly!