The Zehnkatzen Times on NO!SPEC

Samual John Klein shouts out with The Zehnkatzen Times: [design] Professional Designers Cry NO!SPEC.

One of the most egregious ideas of recent time is the “logo design competition”. While there may indeed be times and places for such a thing, a trend has been emerging toward larger operations who should know better opening a logo competition as part of, say, a corporate redesign. Replete with the promises of “getting your work ‘out there’” and “practical portfolio pieces”, and the possiblity of a payday, such competitions gather work from hard working and hopeful designers the world over.

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  1. Yes, I answered one of these “competitions” when I was broke. I have great illustration and graphics skills. The email address I sent my beautifully crafted and well presented work to just disappeared when it was time to “judge” the work and “reward” the “winner”. Good work gone to at best nothing, or at worst hustlers. Copyright means nothing to an international company that is not required to honor it. Hard lessons. Thanks for the forum. I haven’t worked again without a contract. Craigslist is full of these ads and worse-“internships, great exposure, portfolio piece”, etc.
    I’ve gone the art rep route to save time and hassles.

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