VANOC 2010 Mascot RFP: GO Canada GO!

I swear, when I die I want to come back as a Canadian …

Yesterday, Steven Luscher (Group Organizer for the Vancouver Graphic Design Meetup) contacted NO!SPEC about the VANOC 2010 Mascot RFP.

VANOC is the Vancouver Olympic Organizing Committee.

Steve’s post on the Vancouver Graphic Design Meetup message board:

Congratulations to everyone responsible for giving VANOC the guidance it needed to do the right thing, and congratulations to VANOC for working with and listening to Canadian Designers.

I could hardly restrain myself from jumping up and down over the news. Way to go Canada!

Shortly after, the VANOC 2010 Mascot RFP was posted at GDC’s blog:

This is a shining example of a large organization working closely with the Canadian design industry to create a respectful and appropriate call for candidates and an excellent example of real advocacy by the GDC on it’s members’ behalf.

Peggy Cady FGDC, GDC National Past President:

We are trying to teach businesses and organizations about our best practices, and how we want them to work with us. It is a great victory for the profession when organizations understand where we are coming from and are willing to adjust their proposals.

I’ve long known that Canadian designers and design orgs are way ahead of the game when it comes to the issue of working on spec, but now they’ve got the strong support of a professional organisation such as VANOC.

Kudos to VANOC. Kudos to GDC. Kudos to Canada!

One response to “VANOC 2010 Mascot RFP: GO Canada GO!”

  1. You folks really dropped the ball. I believe that We are Canadians, Not Japanese or other asian dominated cartoon generators.

    those Mascots reflect nothing of what we are as Canadians… and althought the Games are in BC, you should have kept in mind that Not all Canadian are from Asia.

    So, maybe you feel like Kudo’s to you are in order… let this note remind you that you will soon be a minority feeling this way.

    If Mascots are an indicator of what makes or breaks an olympic… I have a funny feeling we (the tax payers)… will pay through the nose thanks to your blunder.

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