Veerle says “Free of charge please!”

Reading through the NO!SPEC stats, I noticed Veerle comes out with a word or three.

The purpose of creative pitches are to give clients a better understanding of the creative capacity of the selected agencies. To me it is a lame excuse to not browse around in the portfolios and let someone else do the work for free. I wonder what goes on in the mind of the people who write that stuff down, do they expect the freebies in everything else also?

The comments as they are equally well written. Check out her article, Free of charge please! Then scroll down for more.

2 responses to “Veerle says “Free of charge please!””

  1. As a creator / writer asking drawers to work for free is good and very artistic a true artist doesn’t care about money or one would think. To offer one drawer out of millions of great drawers the chance to draw history and join the team is an honor to the drawer and it will prove to turn out great money in the future. So if you don’t think your work is good enough than do not reply to the ad. But don’t hate the writer creator of characters just because he doesn’t draw. Live and let live and stop the hatred. Some drawers can draw really great but they might not be as original or creative as a writer who doesn’t draw but together they can be a force to be dealt with. I encourage all writers to ask for free help from 1 of the millions of drawers that want a stop at the Big Time.

  2. To Mike, writers and others who seek free work product from me and mine my question:

    Will you really, turly still respect me in the morning?

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